What you need to do for Allergy season!

What you need to do for Allergy Season!

Spring is in full bloom and those with runny noses, watery eyes and itching can't be too enthused about it. Not to worry, there are many natural approaches to combating those allergy symptoms. Here are tips to keep you from sneezing and blowing your nose all summer long...

  • Raw Unpasterized Honey - buying local honey can help with those allergies. Try adding this to your coffee every morning instead of sugar which only damages the immune system.
  • Take your Cod Liver Oil. This is a major anti inflammatory agent which is essential in combating allergic symptoms. My favorite brands are Nordic Naturals and Carlson. 1-2 tbsp with your meals is all you need.
  • Increase your Vitamin C levels to bowel tolerance as this lowers histamine levels. Finding a Vitamin C with bioflavanoids will be your best Allie this allergy season. I like Vitamin C with Flavanoids from Thorne reasearch. 
  • Quercetin stabilizes mast cells and is very helpful in controlling allergic symptoms. Try additional quercetin in your diet (onions and garlic contain it) or take a supplement for higher dosages (500 mg 2 x per day during allergy season).
  • Eat lower on the food chain. By reducing animal products in your diet (that means dairy too)  you are directly impacting the inflammatory cascade and reducing your body's reactivity to allergens. Easier said than done, but go Vegan this Allergy Season!
  • Drink your green tea or take an EGCG extract as it contains antioxidants which are protective.
  • If all of the above fails and you are against medications, contact me for help as there may be underlying issues negatively effecting your immune system.