This vitamin has shown improvements in executive functions can occur such as:


• Awareness
• Cognition
• Appropriateness
• Eye contact
• Responsiveness


There is also normalization in behaviours, social interaction and promotion of speech and language such as:

• Spontaneous language
• More complex sentences
• Increased vocabulary


In addition, improvements in socialization, understanding and expressing emotion are also noted, such as: 

• Initiation and interactive play
• Understanding and feeling emotions
• Affection and tolerance to touch


The function of B12 in the body


B12 (cobalamin) is a vitamin family where only 1 form (methylcobalamin) is involved in critical methylation pathways in the body. The consequences of impaired methylation pathways are devastating and result in reduced activity of proteins, reduced production of brain neurotransmitters (seretonin, dopamine, GABA etc), increased inflammation, decreased production of glutathione, alterations in DNA and in cell membrane signaling. In essence it effects our entire being.

Research has shown that autistic children have defects in their ability to methylate. It is imperative that this system be intact in order for our bodies to properly detoxify, create enzymes and proteins, quench inflammation, maintain healthy brain chemistry and cell signalling.With B12 injections and other related supplements we are able to correct the defects in this pathway and help our children develop in a typical way.


B12 Administration


B12 injections are given every 2-3 days subcutaneously into the child's buttock. Please check Dr. Neubrander's website ( for explicit details on administration.


B12 Side effects


As with any treatment, there can be some side effects. Some children may experience an increase in hyperactivity or stimming behaviour. This will diminish over time and can be controlled with other treatments. Also, some children experience increased mouthing of objects, sleep disturbances or an increase in aggressive type behaviour.

It is important to continue treatment with B12 as it has been reported by parents of ASD kids that 80% improve in language and social development.

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