Preconception care

Are you thinking about having a baby?


What is Preconception Care?



Preconception care is defined as a set of interventions that aim to identify and modify biomedical, behavioral and social risks to the man and woman's health during their reproductive years. Certain steps should be taken before conception or early in pregnancy that focuses on the parts of health that have been shown to increase the chance of having a healthy baby. Preconception health care is different for every person, depending on his or her unique needs. Based on a person’s individual health I will suggest a course of treatment or follow-up care as needed.


Why is Preconception Care important?


Preconception health is a precious gift to babies. For babies, preconception health means their parents took steps to get healthy before pregnancy. Such babies are less likely to be born early (preterm) or have a low birth weight. They are more likely to be born without birth defects or other disabling conditions. Preconception health gives babies the best gift of all―the best chance for a healthy start in life.




Neurogenomic testing

Consider Genetic Testing To Determine Your Risk of Having a Child with Autism

This test evaluates single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPS) in genes that modulate methylation, glutathione conjugation and oxidative protection. All of these factors have been implicated in the development of Autism. Talk to me about how to modulate these genes and consequently lower your child's risk of developing autism.