Snack ideas

Hi Protein Snacks


  • Toasted Quinoa

1/3 cup quinoa mixed with ½ tbsp ground flax, 1 tbsp shredded coconut, and 1 tbsp maple syrup, toasted at 425 degrees for 10 minutes

  • Beef Jerky

Should only be from certified organic and nitrate free sources. I get mine from the Healthy Butcher.

  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Deli Roll Ups

Ie: turkey slices rolled up with a slice of avocado and cucumber

  • Nut butters or Sunflower seed butter

Spread butters on a celery stick and add organic raisins to make “ants on a log”

  • Edamame – organic
  • Hummus and Veggies

How’s this for an unconventional use of a travel coffee mug? Put a few dollops of hummus in the bottom of the container, stick a handful of vegetable sticks (carrots, celery, and snow peas are a great mix) vertically in the hummus, screw on the top, and throw in a purse or gym bag for an easy, on-the-go, super-healthy snack.

  •  Kind Plus bars –in a pinch
  •  Protein Bites

1 1/2 tbsp nut butter, 3 tbsp oats, 1/2 tbsp honey, 1/2 tbsp dark chocolate chips, rolled into balls . No baking requited

  • Popcorn – organic source

When it’s not doused in butter and artificial flavorings, popcorn can be a super healthy snack, thanks to being a fiber-rich, satiating whole grain. Ratchet up its protein content by dusting the kernels with nutritional yeast, the vegan, B vitamin-packed answer to Parmesan cheese.


3 cups air-popped popcorn coated with 2 tbsp nutritional yeast and a sprinkle of salt: 8.9 grams protein

  • “Cheesy” Kale Chips

The ultimate in salty cravings, potato chips are one of the easiest snacks to overdo it on (seriously, who eats just one serving at a time?!). Next time you need a big pile of something crunchy on the go, swap out the store-bought spuds for a baked bunch of homemade kale chips instead. While just as crisp as regular chips, this two-cup serving comes with the added benefits of giving you over 40 percent of your daily value of vitamin A and C, plus a hefty dose of protein from the nutritional yeast topping.

2 cups kale leaves coated with 1 tbsp olive oil and 2 tbsp nutritional yeast, baked at 325 degrees for 15 minutes: 9 grams protein

  • Roasted Chick Peas

There’s so much more to chickpeas than hummus, and one of the tastiest ways to enjoy these cholesterol-lowering beans is also the simplest. Roast them with some basic seasonings for an extra crunchy, nutty bite, and carry them in a ziplock or small container to pop a handful when you feel hunger coming on.

3/4 cup chickpeas roasted for 20 to 30 minutes with 1 tablespoon each olive oil, salt, and cayenne pepper: 9 grams protein

  • Green Smoothies                        

                        Never forget the importance of dark green leafy vegetables. Fiber from the vegetables can stabilize blood sugar which helps with aggressive behavior and hyperactivity. Here is a great link to help you make shakes that your kids will love.