5 Most Important Steps To Take Before Getting Pregnant

5 most important steps to take before getting pregnant

My practice focuses on the treatment of children with Autism and after 17 years I have seen many. However, I would love to see more women in my office to share with them what I have learned clinically and learned from the vast research in this field. I know I can help prevent the epidemic of autism that is occurring in Canada. Today 1 in 68 children are now born with this neurodevelopmental disorder. We need to do something now for the future of our children! 

Here is my list of the five most important steps to take before and during pregnancy to improve the health of your baby:

  1. Live Toxin Free (as much as humanly possible) - In our industrialized society , we are constantly bombarded with chemicals and toxins that are known to alter brain function, disrupt hormones, increase inflammation, impair mitochondrial function  and deplete our immune systems. When deciding to become a mother you must cleanse your home and work environment of toxins (use green cleaning and beauty products, never use plastics, canned foods, dry cleaners, or teflon pots and pans).
  2. Drink only reverse osmosis purified water
  3. Do not Vaccinate during pregnancy or have any Dental Work done during pregnancy - if your vaccines are not up to date have the injection completed several months before becoming pregnant. This will allow you to detoxify from the many toxins that continue to be in the vaccines. 
  4. Eat an Organic Whole Foods diet - Avoid all packaged foods, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, Trans fats, Large Fish such as tuna, shark, tile, mackerel, orange roughy and swordfish.  In addition, soda,  and caffeine should be avoided. Try to eat organic as much as  possible (see my IG post on the dirty dozen), pasture fed meats and dairy products and include lots of good fats (Omega  3, 6, 9).
  5. Never Renovate or Redecorate While Pregnant - If you plan on doing a home reno do it before becoming pregnant. Only use safe non-toxic materials such as low VOC paints, water based adhesives, natural flooring and rugs (jute or wool rugs are best), vegetable dyes, eco-friendly fabrics (abaca, hemp, wool, jute) and products made from reclaimed or recycled wood are preferred. If you are living in a newly renovated home and had no say in the construction of it, place air purifying plants around the house to clean the air or even better install an air purification system. Do a gentle detoxification to prep yourself for the upcoming pregnancy. 

Obviously there is so much more that can be done. But, if you implement these 5 simple it essential steps you are off to a great start. Don't wait to begin this prudent journey into motherhood.